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Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Great Pyrenees.

Our adoption process includes:

  • Completing an adoption application, which can be downloaded below
  • Allowing a home/site visit
  • If approved for adoption, signing a legally binding adoption contract at the actual time of adoption

We will contact you by phone or email upon receipt of your application but feel free to reach out with any specific questions the following information does not answer for you. The application will ask for a personal reference and the name and phone number of your current and/or past veterinarian.  Vet records must verify that pets receive/have received good care, both in the case of illness/ injury and preventative care (vaccinations, etc). Current pets must be up to date on preventative vet care and spayed or neutered (unless there are extenuating circumstances).

A securely fenced property is required, with very few exceptions. Great Pyrenees must be in secure fencing or on leash at all times, for their own safety, as they cannot be reliably trained to a property boundary.

The majority of the Great Pyrenees in our program are placed as inside family pets.  We very occasionally get a trained livestock guardian Great Pyrenees into rescue, which we would consider for a working situation.  Fencing and level of care requirements are the same for as an inside family pet or livestock guardian.

We request a minimum donation of $200 at the time of adoption to help with some of the vet care expenses. All rescues are spayed or neutered and completely vetted (heartworm tested, vaccinated, micro chipped, fecal exam, groomed etc.) before they are placed in a new home. We function totally on donations. Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not for profit. Donations over and above the requested minimum are greatly appreciated and allow us to help more Pyrs in need and treat any other medical issues they may have when they arrive in our program.

The answers you give on this application will help us find the best possible match between you and the Great Pyrenees available through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois, Inc. The information given will be verified and then a follow up telephone interview conducted.

Filing of this application in no way guarantees your adoption of a Great Pyrenees from Great Pyrenees Rescue of Central Illinois.

Your submission of this application attests that the info you have given is accurate and true and also gives your current and past veterinarian permission to provide any and all information requested by Rescue in regard to medical and preventative care provided any current and past pets they have on record.

The application can be downloaded via the following link and emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or mailed to the address listed on the form: CLICK HERE



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